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Hardwood Flooring Tips from the Professionals

Hardwood Flooring tips from the professionals.

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Hardwood Floor Installation, Repairs & Maintenance

About Wood Floors

Wood is one of the most popular flooring materials due to its warmth, beauty and durability.

Wood makes is a very comfortable surface to walk on. It also makes a great insulating material adding warmth to your home. Floors can be finished in a variety of ways to show off the natural grain, or they can be stained, bleached, or painted to add pattern and character. Using these techniques a floor can be made to your unique specifications.

MAPLE Fine texture Very light honey to white Fine
WHITE OAK Medium density Light to yellow Hiighly figured and Straight
RED OAK Medium density Tan to light pink Highly figured
REDWOOD Low to medium density Pink to rosy Flat grain wavy and open; vertical grain very straight
TEAK Smooth texture; high density Light to dark with browns and reds Straight and uniform
DOUGLAS FIR Flat grain and uneven density Golden orange Flat grain wavy and open; vertical grain very straight
PINE Low to medium density; gains patina of dents White to golden Vertical or flat
PECAN Hard texture with high density Honey brown to light pink Character marked
WALNUT Hard texture with high density Reddish brown to light tan Hiighly figured and Straight
How to Maintain a Wood Floor 

Here are some tips on maintaining your wood floor:

Don't Damp Mob
Use the manufacturer's recommended cleaning products on your hardwood floor. Water and wood floors don't mix!

Wipe spills immediately.

Do not wax a Urethane Floor   
Never use a wax on a polyurethane finish. The wax will cause a sticky film to build up on your floor, allowing any dirt tracked onto it to stick.

Use chair glides
Use felt protectors or furniture coasters under all feet on any furniture that rest directly on the hardwood floor.

Vacuum Regularly
Vacuum using a soft bristle brush attachment.

Hazards in Hardwood Floor Installation and Refinishing

Click here for information about hardwood floor hazards.

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